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[Fic] Flying Blind
Title: Flying Blind
Fandom: Marvel Adventures
Characters: Janet Van Dyne/Hank Pym
Rating: adorableness
Word Count: ~1000
Summary: Hank tries to ask Janet out on a date.

funny how the world can spin so fast

For those interested, Marvel Adventures Avengers is a yuletide fandom this year! Yuletide is a yearly small/new fandom holiday exchange and a great way to discover new fandoms and recruit new fans to yours. Sign-ups are go until November 12; let's get some Marvel Adventures representation going!

Intro post!
Welcome one, welcome all, to marvelcapers, the Marvel Adventures fan community! There'll probably be modly stuff on this post at a later date. For now, I'd like to ask you to mention this community around to friends you know enjoy Marvel Adventures. Spread the squee! If someone wants to make banners (or icons!) that'd be awesome; I might be able to try my hand as well.

Also, if you've got questions, feel free to Ask-A-Mod (iambickilometer or xturncoatxiii) and get it answered. Or just ask here.